People from Ohio are Super Good Musicians

You may have heard me boast about going to high school with Kid Cudi or Dan Goddard of The Volunteers, or possibly heard me mention some of the awesome Ohio cats I know who make up Ohio Party in New York.  There are plenty more to mention, even some I went to highs school with – but I want to draw your attention to a soon-to-be famous Ohioan, Mark Foster.

I met Mark at the baggage check in LAX on my way back from Cleveland.  We had both taken the same connecting flight from Chicago.  I had seen him sitting in the neighborhood of Andy Dick, the comedian, before boarding the plane and thought he looked familiar.  I finally approached him in baggage check so I could duck off I was totally mistaken.  Turns out – while I hadn’t seen him on television – I may have met him back in the day somewhere in the greater Cleveland area.  Who knows….
All that said, Mark is a really nice guy AND he makes awesome music.  He already has some things going for him, and his myspace page - – gives you a little flavor of the beautiful music he is capable of creating.  I like “Downtown” and “I Would Do Anything For You.”  
Check out this video – Sorry Little Lucy.  I like the perspective and the minimalism.  Plus, he’s got the hair of a rockstar.