Pacific Festival Preview: Poolside

Fun and water loving “daytime disco” act – Poolside – bring their talents to the beach this coming weekend at Pacific Festival.  Before they get their feet in the sand they also make a pit stop at The Echo on Wednesday night.  You can still get tickets to the former by clicking here (use code supergoodmusic for a $5 discount), but The Echo show is more or less sold out (there will be a few walk ups allowed).

And its sold out with good reason as the increasingly popular duo have been riding a wave since the release of “Pacific Standard Time” in July.   The summer smanger includes the chilled out, slo-mo electrogaze “Slow Down”, their original hit “Do You Believe?” and 14 other juicy tracks highlighted by shiny synths, based-out chill grooves, lo-fi vocals and infused with that SoCal ethos and chill swagger that makes it the perfect soundtrack for hanging out next to a pool….

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