Pacific Festival Post Fact – Part 1 (recap by ZSE)

After being anointed with my VIP Press/Media pass courtesy from the organizers of Pacific Festival, I proceeded into the festival and went to see Hanni El Khatib on the Pacific stage. I’d intended on listening to him perform a few songs from his set as I wanted to walk around the festival and get an idea of where I would be spending most of the day. I was struck by the first song I heard, which was his best, the rocking “Build. Destroy. Rebuild.” Here’s “Build. Destroy. Rebuild”.

Hanni El Khatib- Build. Destroy. Rebuild.

After Khatib and orienting myself to the festival grounds, I saw !!! (chk chk chk), a dance-punk group whose lead singer had incredible stage presence. He connected with the crowd and elevated the energy by getting off the stage and dancing/walking his way to the first 75-100 fans in the front rows. Their energetic and animated performance definitely earned my respect.

AM / FM by ChkChkChk

Disco-house duo Poolside were still dropping beats after !!! finished, so I jogged and caught the last song of their set. Although I don’t remember what that song was, here’s “Do You Believe” which I assume they played.

Poolside – Do You Believe

Poolside overflowed into The C90s – who performed on top of the shagedelica bus, that was covered with white fur on nearly all of the interior and exterior of the bus. It was an interesting site to see and getting access to dance on top the bus while The C90s performed Disco/Electronica/Dance was a unique experience! Here’s “Shine A Light”.

Shine A Light by TheC90s

Read more for my review of three of my favorite acts during the day, Fred Falke, Phantogram and Calvin Harris.

After The C90s it was on to see one of the greatest remix DJ’s, Fred Falke. While Falke is known for his remixes, it’s his original music that shows his true potential. Even though he performed in front of only 150-200 people, I believe in the future, he’ll crush things on a larger platform. Here’s my favorite Fred Falke song I heard, “Look Into Your Eyes”.

Fred Falke – Look Into Your Eyes (Original Mix)

After Falke (and rehydration and refueling), I indulged in alternative electronic duo Phantogram, who were one of my favorites as their music sounds even better live, especially the space-y rock/electronic “Let Me Go”, which I particularly remember the crowd, me and the band getting really into. Here’s “Let Me Go”.

Phantogram – Let Me Go

Calvin Harris was probably the DJ I was most looking forward to at Pacific Festival. He did not disappoint. He didn’t seem like one of those DJs that just presses play and gets the crowd pumped. He’s a little bit more than that – evidencing a shred of effort and showing off his skillful DJ skills moving from banger to banger while also pressing play and getting the crowd pumped. About ten minutes into his set, festival employees released hundreds of beach balls to the pulsating crowd. The only drawback to Mr. Harris’ show was that it wasn’t at night. The energy he brought would have been a bit more fitting once the sun had gone down….

Here’s my favorite Calvin Harris song I heard when I was feet away from him, “Awooga”.

Calvin Harris – Awooga (Original Mix)

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of Zach Siegal Eisman’s Pacific Festival review which includes recapsof Steve Aoki, Bag Raiders, Ghostland Observatory, Snoop Dogg and Cut Copy.

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