Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head. Found my way downstairs and wrote a blog about who to go see on the first day of OUTSIDE LANDS FESTIVAL 2011.

Yes. I’m that excited that I’m quoting Beatles and not sleeping before I go. Returning a third day for the festival – the event brings legendary acts like Phish and The Original Meters into a festival environment that is also peppered with lesser known acts that, while they’ve been in the game, are still hoping to have careers that endure nearly as long as either one of the above.
I fully intend to indulge myself in those artists still seemingly hungry for growth. I’m not talking about the chart toppers that people might flock to, but the ones I wish were chart toppers – like K. Flay. She’s got swag. I think she’s talented (and intelligent). And she’s down with real hip-hop. This video’s got breakers, Converse and tap dancing – all which get props in my book. She plays at 12:45.
Or Toro Y Moi – the ambient chillwave masterchild of Chazwick Bundick responsible for a sexy remix of Tyler, The Creator‘s “French!” and releases a new EP (Freaking Out) in just over a month. Doing duty at two California festivals this weekend (Saturday at Pacific Festival in OC) – the San Francisco crowd is lucky to get him to get the party started at 3:50 at the Twin Peaks stage.
“Still Sound” is a more recent offering from the second album, Underneath The Pine. It was recently featured on an episode of Entourage, which probably propelled the visibility of the Bull and I into new places.
“Talamak” is from Toro Y Moi’s first album – released on Carpark Records in 2010. Also a gem.
For those who want to see Foster The People and Toro Y Moi – they’ll have a tough decision to make. I’m sticking with Toro, who has played less festivals than the People.
I’ll be throwing my love for Los Angeles behind a different home grown act – the funk masters that are Orgone. I really hope Fanny Franklin is there rocking with them. She has a killer voice that crushes it over the Stewart Killen led rhythm section. They have a healthy library of originals (at least four albums) and also do killer covers of songs like “Ain’t No Use” and – “Brothers On The Slide”
Orgone is one of those bands that doesn’t have “official” music videos – just dirty nasty funky ass jams that make you want to get down live. Certainly will be much more of a throw down than MGMT – who still haven’t earned back my respect from previous poor performances. If you dig our recommendations – please just trust me, and peep Orgone.
While I’d love to catch a little of Ellie Goulding or Clap Your Hands Say Yeah or even Miguel Migs, I’m going to squat by Panhandle for The Limousines at 6:15.
I’ve actually never seen the recent Dangerbird Records signees and clever minds behind “Internet Killed The Video Star” – so I’ll be losing my virginity so to speak.
Checking them out means missing out on most of Big Boi - who has been doing great all festival season. If you love Outkast, love to see black men in track suits or just want to get down with daddy fat sacks – check him out at Sutro Stage starting at 6:20 p.m.
It also means missing the beginning of Phish, who take stage at 6:30 p.m., and have also allegedly been having a great summer season. Here is a video of them performing Paul Simon’s “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover” at Hollywood Bowl on Monday for the first time. It takes a few minutes for it to get going – but it is kind of cool to watch a band that has toured for close to 30 years play a song they’ve never played before.

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