Our Planet x Do You Consent = Do Your Planet

In the midst of an edible trip, and the convenient synching of a Do You Consent? playlist with Netflix’s OUR PLANET docu-series, the Do yOUR PLANET audio-visual experience was borne.   If you are into National Geographic and Discovery channel type content, or CRCLE, but you prefer your nature footage with electronic music and other jams, then the Do yOUR PLANET playlist series is for you.

What is Do yOUR PLANET? 

It’s an audio-visual experience that brings you closer to music and nature.  It pairs a playlist that was curated by polymath artist-creator-music supervisor-mensch Brandon Dorsky to go along with the Netflix Docuseries, OUR PLANET in the same way you could pair Dark Side of the Moon to synch up with the walking of the Yellow Brick Road in the Wizard of Oz.

What do you need?

Access to Netflix and a paid Spotify account (or a willingness to pause your Netflix during commercials on Spotify).

How does it work?

You have to cue up the applicable OUR PLANET episode simultaneously with playing the corresponding Spotify Do yOUR PLANET playlist.   The description of the playlist provides detailed instructions on when to start the playlist for the episode.

Which OUR PLANET episode is it for?

The first Do yOUR PLANET playlist was created alongside the ONE PLANET episode.   Brandon Dorsky has gone on to create several other playlists for different episodes, including JUNGLES and COASTAL SEAS.   He hopes to complete the whole series before the end of February 2021.


What is the first song to lead into this nature soundtrack?

The ominous sounding “XXI” by Letters vs. Numbers covers the opening credits.   The One Planet Do yOUR PLANET playlist is the only episode that has a song over the opening credit music.

What are some highlights?

The music for some of the mating scenes is pretty on point.   Rising Appalachia’s “Downtown” really hits during a bird mating ritual, and in the Jungles episode, Marc Rebillet’s “Work That Ass For Daddy” is pretty spot on too.

What is a good edible to eat to elevate the experience?

Fruit Slabs.

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