Orgone – Giving You That Funk “O Face”

Southern California’s Orgone, our best home cooked funk band, makes a celebrated return to the city of Angels November 9th when they play The Echoplex.  Monophonics joins the bill – ensuring it will be the funkiest room in town on Saturday night.   Chuck Prada allegedly replaces original percussionist Stewart Killen and Fanny Franklin has not been in the 2013 touring band — but you never know what can happen in Los Angeles…

Support The Echoplex, Orgone and the supporting acts by buying tickets here.  Bring extra friends if you win tickets through SUPERGOOD by emailing us, instagramming a brass instrument or Orgone record and tagging @supergoodmusic, or tweeting out @orgonemusic @supergoodmusic @theechola.  We have a few pairs to dish out – so don’t be shy!


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