Now, I may have been fooled by someone else’s April Fools post, but given it is One Thirty BPM as the source – I am going to cross my fingers and hope for the best. This would mean that yes, it is finally f’ing true, David Bowie is going to hit the road again.

Not as a surprise Coachella guest or even next years headliner. Rather, Bowie is boasting afinal farewell episode of 12 shows in some of the worlds biggest cities – including London, Madrid, Rome, Berlin and 6 lucky locations in the United States.
Not only will Bowie be closing the dozen show run in Los Angeles at The Staples Center on August 10, 2012, it is rumored that Trent Reznor will bring the Nine Inch Nails out of retirement to support the legend. Talk about an amazing bill of talent!
Tickets will only be available via phone in at 1-800-277-3665 starting at 1 pm. Please for the love of god this better not be a hoax.

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