OK GO Barks Back With New Music Video

The latest (and perhaps greatest) OK GO video is all the rage on the interweb this week, along with the talk of the music world. Big music companies are still searching for their jockstraps, trying to figure out how OK GO juked the industry out of being on a label and went on to much bigger, more relevant and presumably more profitable success.

Having abandoned the industry/corporate machinery, OK GO has a lot going for them. Not only do they seem cool, but they no longer are identified with any of the things us true music fans hate about the music industry…mainly the corporate bullshit that gets forced down prospective listeners’ throats. Rather, OK GO stands for good music, supergood music and they make really amazing videos too.

As opposed to the glitz, glamour, spinners, sexy ladies and other random unnecessary video elements of your standard MTV Jams spot or even some crappy, I want to be artsy and have street cred lo-fi indie video, OK GO makes clean, well thought out and carefully executed music videos. The footage is always fun to watch, and their latest “White Knuckles” continues in thattrend. Not to mention that it has a gang of supercute dogs!

In this linked article http://www.spinner.com/2010/09/22/ok-go-white-knuckles-video/ Damian Kulash explains how it took over 100 shoots to execute the video in one continuous shot. This video is quite an amazing feat that took a lot of practice and preparation, but look at the dividends it is paying off (over 2 million views already). If only record companies knew how to efficiently allocate their time and resources they may just be able to make something this cool….

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