Odd Modern’s Playful "Wallflowers"

Local electro indie duo Odd Modern is back at it again with the cool music videos, this time with ‘Wallflower.’

In the absence of a famous person cameo (Steve O was in their “Contrary to Popular Belief” vid) – the duo had to step up their cinematography a notch to generate a similar buzz. S0 what’s the video got? Warehouse? Check. Choreographed dances? Check. Cool camera tricks? Check.

Certainly a fun effort from a band that gives away all of their music for free at www.oddmodern.com.

The driving synth, Gerardo’s smooth drums and Vanina’s pretty voice provide the musical backdrop after their dance coordinator walks you through how exactly to do the “Wallflower.” While not every person in L.A. will have what it takes to bust out the Wallflower – the 8 point moves aren’t too complex and the only way you’ll learn ‘em is by watching this video…

The Wallflowers by Odd Modern from Gerardo Herdstagerd on Vimeo.

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