Odd Modern at Loft Party Tonight

One of my favorite sort of under the radar bands, LA indie-synth duo Odd Modern, are performing tonight downtown at a loft show at 761 Central, Los Angeles, CA 90021. I’ve been on these cool kids bandwagon since I heard “Tipsy Dancer.” I mean, how can you not like a song where the hook goes “If it wasn’t for alcohol, I wouldn’t dance at all…”

Vanina (vocals, synths) and Girardeau (drums, vocals), the faces of this modern duo, are two hipper than hip kids. So hip, they even live east of the hipsters in Sierra Madre. So hip they convinced Steve O to skateboard in their latest music video for the “hit song” “Contrary to Popular Belief,” the title track to their latest album. And definitely hip enough to give all of their music away for free at www.oddmodern.com.

Check out these eastsiders downtown at A Loft Space. If you can’t catch that, they play American Legion in October. Hopefully some smart talent buyer at one of the small east side venues (ahem, Echo, Spaceland, Silverlake Lounge) catches on and invites this duo in for a show.

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