Noise Pop: The Heart is a Drum Machine Film Review

The Heart is a Drum Machine

Director: Christopher Pomerenke

What is music? That is the simple question that the new documentary The Heart is a Drum Machine so eloquently tries to answer with the help of some of the most renowned musicians, producers, actors, journalists and singers in the industry.

It all begins with a NASA space engineer, who was given the daunting task of selecting music to be transmitting into space for the universe to hear. The focus of her segment is on how she believes that other forms of life in the universe must have their own form of music in their world and that this was the chance to connect all of us.

From there, the film explores what music is by asking people such as Wayne Cohen (The Flaming Lips), Kurt Loder (MTV News), George Clinton, Britt Daniel (Spoon), Becky Stark (Lavendar Diamond), Juliette Lewis, Faruza Balk, Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit), Jason Schwartzman and many others who all give personal accounts on what music is to them, how music affects them, and why they feel that at the root of music is the simple beating of our hearts.

Though slow at some points, I couldn’t help but be completely fascinated by the stories of all of these incredible people. It truly made me look within myself and not only ask myself what is music? But, more importantly, what is music to me?

If at any point you are able to watch this film I do recommend for anyone who has been affected by music, isn’t that everyone?

Check out the trailer for The Heart is a Drum Machine below.

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