Noise Pop: Atlas Sound at The Great American Music Hall

For my third night of the 2010 Noise Pop Festival I made the difficult decision to head over to the Great American Music Hall to see buzz-band Atlas Sound with supporting acts Geographer, Magic Wands and Nice Nice. Unfortunately for all of you, I was only able to snap a couple of photos of the first band before security pulled me to the side and warned me that photography was not allowed under any circumstances.

The first band of the evening was Nice Nice who come to Noise Pop by way of Portland, Oregon. If you’ve kept an open ear to the music that’s been coming out of the “indie” scene as of late than you are probably familiar with the blips and beeps that are all the rage. Well if that is something that you are into than Nice Nice is the right band for you. Their set was filled with rock-dance vibes that isn’t always easy on the ears, but always perfect for a good time. You can’t find this duo on iTunes yet, so look out for their 7” called One Hit.

Following Nice Nice was Bay Area natives Magic Wands, who were completely off my musical radar until Noise Pop. Luckily for me, the first time I heard anything about them involved me seeing them live as well. They are your typical Rayban wearing indie rock hipsters, but there was something special about this band. I’ve never been shy about my distaste for MGMT, and though Magic Wands draw many comparisons to the over-hyped band, I find them to be more enjoyable than them. Their EP Magic Love and Dreams was released in May of last year, so if you seek it out I would highly recommend the song Black Magic as a perfect way to get your spring started off right.

The next act was Geographer, who like Magic Wands, are native to the San Francisco area, and also like Magic Wands, I had never heard of them before. The band is typically a trio, but they are known to have a special musical guest on occasion. While at their show, I found that their music had a lot of 1980’s video game influence and the lead singer reminded me of Morrissey. They are a great representation for how much incredible music is coming out of the San Francisco area, and the band is currently in the process of finishing up their new EP, so definitely keep an eye out for that when it comes out.

Last but certainly not least was Atlas Sound, and by the time they hit the stage the Great American Music Hall had been completely filled up. 2009 was a huge year for Atlas Sound, and after reading so much about them and getting bits a pieces of their catalog from the internet, I was very intrigued to see what their live show would be like. To be honest, I was disappointed but I wasn’t blown away at the same time. It’s very difficult to bring the lo-fi dance-rock sound to life, but he did give it his best shot. I am still a fan of the band, but can’t say that I will be seeking them out on their next stop in Los Angeles or at the festival circuit this year.

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