New Release/Video: Dean Risko – "Trouble"

As the opener for a heavy hip-hop slated Kosha Dillz presents OY VEY LA event at The Viper Room on Wednesday February 15th, the young opener Dean Risko delivered an unexpectedly soulful set of quasi pop-tunes, including “Trouble,” a potential future hit that he just released a video for.

The 23 year old Johannesburg, South Africa native sings, raps and even has a little b-boy steeze wrapped up in his skinny, stylishly fashioned frame. His whole ethos and style reminds me a lot of Mike Posner, just with less cheesy lyrics and a swagger that seems a bit more authentic. Its like Risko is doing what Posner does better than Posner does it. Maybe its because Risko is a better dancer, because Risko is more attractive (doesn’t he look a little like the white guy from Chromeo) or maybe it’s just because Dean hasn’t been cast in the limelight yet. I can’t really put my finger on it, but there is certainly something that I am feeling a bit more than I felt “31 Minutes Til Take Off.” Go see Dean’s live show if you’re not convinced by the song, writing and video. (Caveat – Mike Posner’s live show is still superior to Dean’s. Dean is solid and carries a performance well – but Mike’s got a bit more experience and a whole band.)

Dean penned “Trouble” himself and with hooks like “I don’t know where you’re from, but you’re in the wrong place if you’re looking for love. Now, if trouble is what you want. Well, come and get you some, come and get you some” – Dean is hitting on themes that resonate for many. The Echo Park resident carries himself with a casual demeanor, but an intense hunger to succeed, and with tracks like “Trouble” it is only a matter time before he does.

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The “Trouble EP” is his first official release and is available for download/purchase at

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