New Month = New Mix….SUPERGOODMUSIC Presents Supafresh Vol. 2

The second un-official SUPERGOODMUSIC mix has gone through its alpha phases and now the track-listing is just right for the holiday weekend.  Keeping true to my Ohio roots – I had to throw in my new favorite Cam’ron song “I Used To Get It In Ohio.”  Likewise, I did not forget my need to keep some mainstream bangers in there for the holiday parties – I put in a Kid Cudi remix, a Kid Cudi song of his mixtape from last year, a GREAT GREAT Yeah Yeah Yeahs remix, some PhoenixLittle BootsN.A.S.A. feat. Santigold & Kanye West, Michael Jackson and Drake featuring Weezy.  

BUT, stepping outside of the box a bit on this mix – I’ve chosen to tip you listeners off to a few of my favorite not-talked-about-enough artists: Keith Masters, The French Semester, Punks Jump Up and The Glass.  
Keith Masters is a rising MC out of Chicago that is finding his niche in the hip-hop/indie/electronic fusion scene.  Most of his tunes are dope, but “I Love to Floss” is worthy of mixtape love.  The bouncy beat, barritone hook and fresh rhymes all come together for a really great track.  It is track 8 – popping up between a great remix by Viking of Kid Cudi’s “That New New” and Drake’s smash “Uptown” featuring Bun B and Lil’ Wayne. You can peep some of his songs at   
Local favorites of mine, The French Semester, also appear on this mix.  I selected my favorite released cut of theirs – “The East Man”, which appears on their January 2009 release GOOD FRIENDS ONLY I COULD SEE.  The recording is fantastic – the song carries great emotion and the wailing of the guitar really draws you in.  That said – with their new line-up featuring Russ on keys and Elaine on vocals – the song is even better executed live.  Check them out  (and hear the song) this coming Wednesday, July 8th, at On The Rox.  If that doesn’t work for you – they will be playing Echo Curio with The Spires on Thursday July 16th (sponsored by Performer Magazine) and on Friday July 31st at Knitting Factory (as part of IPO Festival).
The Glass are another group, out of NYC, that I believe does not get enough attention.  Their song (Track 6), “Wanna Be Dancin” could easily be a club hit – but I can’t recall having heard it at any club I’ve been to recently.  I may have been drawn in by the record’s awesome cover art – which features two lego figurines at a a control board that is the closest lego equivalent for drum machines and effect processors, but I’m glad I was.  The track is enough of a banger to make it on the mix, although it might not tear your face off.  They also created a great lego music video for the song –  

I also put on a great group from London - Punks Jump Up - on at track (Track 16), with their hopefully future smash song “Dance To Our Disco.  They are getting some attention for their remix of Miike Snow’s “Animal”, but they just easily deserve attention for this material.  Not only is the song fun and upbeat – but it is worthy of being danced too.  It kind of reminds a little bit of The Rapture when they are at their best.  If PJU can keep up this sort of music – especially things like the horn solo in the middle (which was a great use of brass in an indie song – which doesn’t happen enough) – than they could be destined for greatness.   Check them out at
Another band from LA, Links ( ) garnered some mix representation after impressing me at their show at Silverlake Lounge this past Tuesday.  I selected “710″ from their 2009 release TIP YOUR JESTER.  It comes sandwiched between 2 excellent covers – The Fray’s folksy version of Kanye West‘s “Heartless” and Little Boots’ kick ass rendition of The Virgin‘s “Rich Boys.”  

Here is the track list:
1.  My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me – Glass Candy (Geto Boys Cover)
2. Lasso – Phoenix
3. Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough feat. Jay-Z – Michael Jackson & Cookin Soul
4. Gifted (Treasure Fingers Remix) – N.A.S.A. feat. Santigold, Kanye West 
5. Heads Will Roll (Digiraatii Dance Til You’re Dead Mix) – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
6. Wanna Be Dancin’ – The Glass
7. Dat New New (Viking Remix) – Kid Cudi
8. I Love To Floss – Keith Masters
9. Uptown (feat Bun B & Lil’ Wayne) – Drake
10. I Used To Get It In Ohio – Cam’ron
11. 50 Ways To Make A Record – Kid Cudi
12. The East Man – The French Semester
13. Heartless – The Fray (Kanye West Cover)
14. 710 – Links
15. Rich Boys – Little Boots (Virgins Cover)
16. Dance To Our Disco – Punks Jump Up
17. Stuntin’ Like My Only Swerving – Beat Bot
18. The Most Beautiful Girl (Kissy Klub D’n'B Version) – Flight of The Conchords
19. Animal (Treasure Fingers Remix) – Miike Snow
Enjoy.  You can probably find many of the downloads available on i-tunes if you’re the paying type.  If you’re not, you can probably find most of the downloads on or to construct your own version.  If you don’t want to do any of the above – but you’re itching for the mix  - you know where to find me.