New Hipster Music Exposure Vehicle: HBO’s GIRLS

The increasingly funny and clever HBO show GIRLS isn’t just good for visual entertainment and humor – its proving to be a pretty good vehicle for exposure to new indie music.  Take The Echo Friendly for instance.  Had you heard of them?  Or there “Same Mistakes”?  We admittedly had not.

I’m not boasting that “Same Mistakes” is infectious.  Its not.  But its good.  A solid time piece that makes a point and captures that post-college or post-grad school early adult crisis angst in a lo-fi indie rock pocket.  All the more reason why it was a perfect song to use on Girls.   The track resonates because we all feel or have felt that angst (or for our younger readers – will feel it sometime in the future) and despite trying to sort it all out – we still end up repeating bad behavior and/or making the same mistakes.  Its a cycle.  Sometimes a vicious one…but one that at least gets young artists to make palatable music.    

The Echo Friendly’s video is lo-fi, with some cool effects.  Nothing visually outrageous to melt your face, but it compliments the music well.  Enjoy….

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