Hopefully you’ve been watching your step in the music game in early 2013 – because then you might already be familiar with Mind The Gap and their edgy bouncy electronic pop rock single “Find My Way.”  To celebrate their ballsy anthem – they released a performance video yesterday and made the song available in exchange for an e-mail address on their website  Teenagers to 30 somethings filled with angst about life need this track on their mobile phone, ipod and computer STAT – it speaks directly to the struggles we’ve all experienced trying to figure this thing called life out and the song beats hard and f’ing pops!

“Find My Way” is the first single off of MTG’s forthcoming EP Youth due out sometime later in 2013.  If this track portends what the rest of their EP is like – I’m expecting fierce and energetic dopeness in a diverse package.   And why shouldn’t I have that expecation?  MTG may be able to lay claim to the title “most diverse rock band” as they’re a truly unique quartet spearheaded by a Jewish vocalist from the suburbs of Cleveland, OH, and backed by Sri Lankan hip-hop producer, a Mexican guitarist/producer and a Korean songwriter.   Not only does their diversity make a statement – their musicianship and on-stage chemistry truly validates the famous Abdul line “opposites attract” and evidences that sometimes the best content comes in the most unlikely and colorful of packages.  

You can catch MTG performing at The Hotel Cafe on February 15th, but check their website for updates as there will likely be a few other performances popping up and peep the video below with the filthy remixed outro….

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