New Gnarls Barkley

The track is called “Run.” It is just under 3 minutes and it is very catchy. It seems that Danger Mouse and the Cee-Lo combo really works no matter how they play it because this can hardly be called a hip-hop song. In fact, there is nothing hip-hop about it.

But, don’t misunderstand…the song is GREAT. The hook is very catchy, about running away or something to that effect. Cee-Lo’s voice is always incredible, and he displays his exceptional, gospel informed vocal range on this song. AND Danger Mouse leaves nothing to be wanted with his impeccable production.

For any Danger Mouse, Cee-Lo and or Gnarls Barkley fan…this is definitely worth the pick up. Their second album is allegedly coming out in March, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets delayed. Cop this single before it becomes the next “crazy” and we all get sick of hearing it.