From the airport to the thrift store to the 99 cent store to the laptop, SUPERGOODMUSIC has been busy getting ready for tonight’s holiday extravaganza.
Doors open early (7 pm) as Dan Stessen will begin the night MCing and giving us the what’s what on the Mustache & Sweater scene. As the crowd comes to bear – Paz kicks off the music with his live soulful hip-hop blend. He will be followed by the exciting headlining duo that is Odd Modern – whose synthy catchy dance-pop just smacks you in the face when you see their live show. All of that illness will be further enhanced by the turntablism of Schpilkas’ Magic on Wax.
Dancing is going to happen. Musical chairs is going to happen. Sweater competition is going to happen. Drinking is going to happen (unless, of course, you’re sober or the DD). But, one thing is for damn sure, fun is going to happen.
So…trim those mustaches to competitive form and get out that hideously ugly sweater. There is fun to be had, people to impress and prizes to be won.
See you tonight at Dakota Live Music Lounge – 1026 Wilshire Blvd.
Find me in my pseudo-fu manchu. I call it a fun manchu. If you find me, have me get out my camera and let me videotape you giving a shout out – I will personally buy you a drink.
SO – holler at me. My sweater will be the ugliest!