Mowgli’s Roll North To Rock Elbo Room; Afghan Raiders Crush 111 Minna Gallery

Last night LA natives The Mowglis drove up to San Francisco and rocked a little place called The Elbo Room. This band, complete with it’s 8 members, know what they want, who they are & they know how to make you want it. Its not just about them. It’s about everyone. The music invites you in & I never wanted to leave.

Remember the LJ meme ____ is Love ? Well let’s bring it back with The Mowgli’s are love. Their song ‘San Francisco’ represents the city perfectly and I love that I now call it home. ‘Staying Alive’ slows down and makes me enjoy life while never skipping a beat. Can you tell I’m in love? I’m about to carve Mowgli’s + Sheida 4eva in a tree. When you think of Mowgli, who do you think of? The little boy from The Jungle Book. Well – for their very last song The Mowgli’s finished with a cover of I Wanna Be Like You. Everyone’s inner child in the room escaped their aged body and started to dance. Michael, Colin, Dave, Josh, Peter, Spencer, Matt and the beautiful Katie, come back soon, kay?

After all that was done, I was a hop, skip and a Bart away from 111 Minna Gallery to see Afghan Raiders. The boys played a free show to an intimate crowd. Mikey & Vincent are joined at the hip. Their synths and vocals did wonders to mine. And Drew’s bass drum is just something I can’t talk about right now. The short set ended and friends gathered around to congratulate the band. Afghan Raiders are so sharp & sexy. The gallery itself was filled with a collection from local artists. The drinks were good and the bartender was sweet.

All in all the ringing in my ears this morning was well worth it.

No tree was harmed after this post.

Review by Sheida Mohammed AKA @ohsheida

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