Motet Melts Faces at The Mint


Sunday nights are usually spent nursing the bottomless mimosa-induced hangover from earlier in the day and crashing out during Shameless before Monday morning arrives. But this last Sunday February 9th night was different. Seven-piece Colorado funk outfit, The Motet, was in L.A. to play The Mint with opening support coming from Shaky Feelin’.

Let me first start by giving credit where credit is due.

To the door guy at The Mint, thank you for understanding that wallets get left at home and for accepting the iPhone photo of my driver’s license. To my girlfriend, thank you for taking said picture and sending it when I called wondering where my wallet was. To Shaky Feelin’, for providing one hell of an opening set – one of the best I’ve seen a band play in a long time.

And last but not least, a sincere thank you to The Motet for bringing everything you had and more to the sold-out crowd who was with you every funky step of the way.

“Thank you all for coming out and proving that funk music in Los Angeles is alive!” praised Jans Ingber, vocalist for The Motet as he greeted the nice, warm, and loose crowd.

From there, the fellas got right down with it for the next two hours (and some) as they showcased tight, catchy jams while giving the art of improvisation it’s rightful place in the mix.

The horn section was ripping all night with Matt Pitts (sax) and Gabe Mervine (trumpet) bringing a heavy brass sound that matched perfectly with Joey Porter’s keys, the bass licks from Garrett Sayers, and the undeniable grooves coming from Ryan Jalbert’s guitar. And the man with the moves, the vocal grooves, and standing just below the ceiling and taking it all the way down to the ground – Jans Ingber pulled out all the stops as the band remained true to their roots of funk, afro-beat, soul, and disco.

Being on the West Coast, The Motet had some friends in town that came out to show their support. Some even ended up doing a little more than just watching. The bands’ original keyboardist tickled the ivories during the set before the night ended with Jason Hann of String Cheese Incident and EOTO was called on stage by Ingber to sit in on percussion.

The Motet just launched a brand new website that compliments their self-titled 7th album that dropped recently and are currently on the West Coast touring before their heavy spring and summer festival schedule takes over.

Check out these fan shot GoPro images and peep the full setlist below.

- Funny Bone
- Closed Mouth
- Expensive Shit
- D.M.S.R
- Ryno Dub
- 123
- Keep On Don’t Stoppin
- Extraordinary High
- Handcuffs
- Rich In People (w/ Jason Hann)
- Mighty Mighty


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