Monolith Festival: bands to look for

Here is another installment of Monolith Festival: bands to look for.

I leave for Denver, CO in just two days and I couldn’t be more excited for this weekend of incredible music.

The Twilight Sad

It’s often very rare that you find a band whose name really represents their music, but The Twilight Sad do. Their music is very somber and evokes a very depressing mood, but I’m no stranger to sad music, and I find The Twilight Sad to be a very enjoyable band. How their music will play out during a festival is another story, because I have seen many “sad music” bands not translate very well to the festival scene. Regardless, I plan on making my way over to their set on Sunday and I hope you all do as well. To hear more music from The Twilight Sad, head over to their official MySpace page.


Thunderheist are the latest Canadian import to bring with them a dance heavy electronic sound, but what separates them from other bands like them is the lo-fi quality that their music has. If you’re looking for gritty underground beats that you would normally find in a small dirty club than I highly recommend that you check out Thunderheist. Songs such as “Nothing 2 Step 2,” “Jerk It,” and my personal favorite, “LBG” are the easiest way to turn even the most proper parties into a more interesting affair. Watch their video for “Jerk It” below and head on over to their official MySpace page to hear more from Thunderheist.

Deer Tick

Deer Tick is a rock band. The beauty of them is that they aren’t trying to be something that they aren’t and all they want to do is make rock music. One of the things that makes them so special is the voice lead singer John Joseph McCauley III. You feel every single word that he sings because of how unique his scratchy voice is. Watch Deer Tick perform live on KEXP in Seattle below and head over to the bands official MySpace page to hear more music from them.


Woodhands is an electronic band from Toronto who made minor buzz this year with a popular remix of Peter, Bjorn & Johns “Nothing to Worry About,” but are now making waves with their own original music. Unlike other electro-dance bands from Canada, Woodhands is more listener friendly and not as harsh as the other bands from the North Country land. To hear more from this exciting band, head over to their official MySpace page, and if you can’t wait than watch their music video for “I Wasn’t Made For Fighting” below.



Health is one of the most buzzed about bands out right now and I am so excited to get the chance to see them live for the first time. The best way to categorize them as a band would be to call them experimental. They make music that is unlike anything that is out their right now, and even though most people may not like it, I have nothing but respect for a band that is going out on a limb and doing something different. Their latest album “Get Color” was released today and I highly recommend that all of you check it out. Watch their music video for “Die Slow” below and head over to their official MySpace page to hear more from this amazing new band.

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