Monolith Festival: bands to look for.

Here is my first installment of Monolith Festival: bands to look for.

Wendy Darling

Wendy Darling is a San Francisco based band consisting of four members whose lead singer is a female, which might led you to write them off as a Rilo Kiley carbon copy. However, the further you dive into their album “Half-Told Bedtime Stories” you will soon realize that they are a great new band creating quirky catchy tunes that may just become the next iPod commercial sensation. Check out their video for “Persistance of Will” below as well as links to their official twitter and myspace pages.

Wendy Darling MySpace

Wendy Darling Twitter

Red Wire Black Wire

Red Wire Black Wire are the Brooklyn based electronic based band taking a cue from Passion Pit in giving music fans fantastic synth heavy music with a great dance beat. They originally released their debut EP “Compass EP” on their own in February of 2008, but soon signed a deal with indie label Tough Customers who then released the EP again in November of 2008. I had never heard of this band before I looked at the Monolith lineup but I am very happy to have discovered them . I am looking forward to their set in September. Check out their video for Compass below as well as a link to their official MySpace page.

Red Wire Black Wire MySpace

Boulder Acoustic Society

Not too many bands these days have names that are literal, but Boulder Acoustic Society is one of those bands. They offer up listeners something unique in that they all play acoustic instruments but give them a punk-esque edge. The guys must be very excited to be playing at Red Rocks since they do hail from Boulder. Check out the bands MySpace page to hear some of their tracks from their soon to be released album “Punchline.”

Boulder Acoustic Society MySpace

Rachel Goodrich

Rachel Goodrich is a self described “folk psychobilly singer-songwriter” from Miami Beach, FL who makes simple likeable music that is stripped down. She prides herself on her originality and she undoubtedly possess it. She doesn’t sound like a lot of the female singer-songwriters out right now (Feist, Regina Spektor), so check out her official MySpace Page to listen to some of her music and see some of her homemade videos.

Rachel Goodrich MySpace

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