Monolith Festival: bands to look for.


This indie rock band from Nashville is another great example of a southern rock band in the 21st century. Though I hate to compare artists, Autovaughn has a lot of thanks to give to the Kings of Leon for bringing pure rock back to the mainstream. They definitely take a page from the southern rock bands that came before them and infuse their music with that southern vibe that is timeless. I expect very big things from this band in the future so check out their MySpace link below to hear more and take a look at the video for their song “The Cycles” below.

Autovaughn – The Cycles from Digital Bohemia on Vimeo.

The Knew

If while at Monolith you are in the mood for a blues rock band, than look no further then The Knew. I expect that the band from Denver will be offering up a blues infused rock with a country edge while playing at Red Rocks with songs like “It’s on Fire” and “Revolver.” I was totally unfamiliar with the band before looking at the lineup for Monolith, but I love to discover new music at a festival and I look forward to checking out The Knew. Check out their official website and MySpace below for more information on The Knew.

Caitlin Rose

Caitlin Rose is the kind of artist that makes you step back and reevaluate the way that you feel about country music because she represents a new way to look at that genre of music. She comes from Nashville and it appears to me that she is a throwback to many “country” artists of the 60’s and 70’s. I am a little concerned that her set at Monolith may not jive well with the mood of the crowd, but to me, there is nothing better than a female singer-songwriters who plays from the heart. Check out her unique homemade video to her song “Sinful Wishing Well” and the link to her MySpace below.

Anni Rossi

Anni Rossi is another example of how dynamic one female singer-songwriter can be the previous (in this case Caitlin Rose). Rossi offers listeners sweet and simple music that helps to take you away from the day. For those that are unfamiliar with her, I highly recommend the songs “The West Coast” and “Wheelpusher.” I am eagerly anticipating a fantastic show from Anni Rossi and cannot wait to see her at Monolith. Check out her video for “The West Coast” below as well as links to her official MySpace page and website.

Roadside Graves

Roadside Graves are a folk band from New Jersey, and though you may not expect that genre of music to come from a state that brought us Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi, they really are a great listen for when you’re in the mood for simple melodies and acoustic vibe. Though much of their music falls under the genre of folk, they definitely have some similarities to The Grateful Dead, which will help those attending Monolith who are unaware of them to get more into the music. To learn more about Roadside Graves visit their official MySpace page to hear more.

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