Monolith Festival: bands to look for.

Here’s another edition of Monolith Festival: bands to look for.

Gregory Alan Isakov

For those of you who are in the mood for a brooding singer-songwriter, than Gregory Alan Isakov is the perfect artist for you. He takes a page out of the Leonard Cohen songbook by making somber music perfect for when you just want to sit down and hear someone pour their heart out onstage. I highly recommend his latest release This Empty Northern Hemisphere for anyone who is uninitiated. To hear more from him check out the link to his official MySpace page below.

French Horn Rebellion

You may have heard about French Horn Rebellion when they remixed “Walking on a Dream” by Empire of the Sun last year – but they have their own original music that is perfect for a late night dance party. After just finishing up touring with Database, they play Monolith and will be heading overseas for a few shows in London. Check out their video for “Up All Night” below as well as a link to their official MySpace page.

Speakeasy Tiger

Speakeasy Tiger is a great example of how sometimes a rock band just needs a kick ass female singer. They almost remind me of an American version of The Sounds, and songs like “Oil Rising” and “I Was Born” really show that comparison well. I’m interested in finding out how their music transfers to a live stage and will try my hardest to ensure I make it over to their set to find out. Check out the link to their official MySpace page below to hear more from Speakeasy Tiger.

Beats Antique

I missed Beats Antique this past weekend at the Outside Lands Music Festival, but I am hoping to make it to their set at Monolith so that I can experience their tribal dance beats in person. I’m am intrigued as to what the Oakland based band does at their live shows, but after listening to a few of their songs, I am sure I will be in for something unique and special. You can watch a live performance from their tour with Bassnectar below as well as a link to their official MySpace page.

Cotton Jones

Cotton Jones is an indie rock band that make music that is perfect for a breezy Sunday afternoon. With a 60’s vibe (that I love) – songs like “Gotta Cheer Up” “Cotton & Velvet” and “I Am the Changer” really showcase that. I recommend that you check out their debut album Paranoid Cocoon if you’re in the mood for a slower rock band. Check out their official MySpace page below.

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