Monolith Festival: bands to look for

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend. Here is another post about bands to look out for at the 2009 Monolith Music Festival. If you haven’t already planned out who you want to see at the festival then head over to the official website to look at the schedule for this weekends music.

The Generationals

The great thing about The Generationals is that they have a very retro sound that is also very 21st century. A lot of the tracks on their debut album Con Low sound like they could’ve been recorded in the 60’s especially the songs “Nobody Could Change Your Mind,” and “Our Time 2 Shine.” If you’re attending Monolith you can check out The Generationals on Saturday September 12 at 12:20 PM on the stage. Check out their official MySpace page to hear more from the band.


Spindrift is one of those amazingly original bands that are hard to place into one single category of music. They have a very psychedelic rock vibe, but that just isn’t good enough to explain who they are. Much like The Generationals, Spindrifts music has a very retro vibe to it while still sounding very now. If you are unfamiliar with them then I highly recommend that you check out their song “Speak to the Wind,” which sounds like it came straight off the Kill Bill soundtrack. Watch their video for “Conversation with a Gun” below as well as a link to their official MySpace page below.

These United States

These United States are an indie rock band from Lexington, KY who have a very lo-fi sound. Their third album Everything Touches Everything was released last week and it’s a great album for autumn. I recommend the albums title track as well as “I’m Gonna Assemble a City.” Check out their video for “Honor Amongst Thieves” below as well as a link to their official MySpace page.

The Love Language

The Love Language are another lo-fi band that make music with a great pop sensibility. Lead by Stuart McLamb, The Love Language are quickly becoming one of the most buzzed about bands on the internet after bands like Wavves and Times New Viking started to take off. Out of all of the reviews that I have read about The Love Language my favorite has to come from Q Magazine when they said that The Love Language sounds, “like Cold War Kids raiding Arcade Fire.” Discover them for yourselves at their official MySpace page and watch their video for their song “Providence” below.

Stars of Track and Field

Stars of Track and Field are one of the biggest indie rock bands out right now, and the band has even more material for their set at Monolith since they just released their second album A Time For Lions just last week. The new album is full of epic rock songs such as my personal favorite “Racing Lights.” Years ago, I made the proclamation that Snow Patrol were one hit song away from being one of the biggest bands in the world, and I feel the same exact way about Stars of Track and Field. Watch the official video for “Movies of Antarctica” off their debut album and visit the bands official MySpace page to hear more new music from the new album.

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