Mix Master Mike, What You Got To Say?!?

Thank goodness it is Friday!  And, thank goodness Mix Master Mike is playing late night tonight at The Viper Room.  I’m still reeling from the awesome week which included a thunderous LMFAO show at The Roxy, Wednesday’s appearance on Entourage and The Volunteers/The French Semester show and seeing Bruno last night – so LA has a lot to live up to for this weekend.  And thankfully, LA is delivering in a major way.

Not only is their good music to see all over town tonight (J-Boogie at The Continental Room, Big Organ Trio at The Mint, Tommy King at Gibson Showroom, Andrew Bird at Greek Theatre, etc.), but LA is extending music into the after hours realm too.  The Viper Room will be hosting a special late night MixTapeRiot event featuring Mix Master Mike, the unofficial fourth Beastie Boy, from midnight to 4 am.  The breaks will be dope, the scratching will be professional and I don’t doubt that the party will be poppin’.  I will be there, not only because I love MMM, but also because I love LA’s late night venue-hosted dance parties (Pretty Lights in January at The Roxy was absolutely insane!).  
If the work week killed you or you aren’t one who goes gung-ho at night – you still shouldn’t stay in.  If you are trying to keep it pretty low key, I might suggest checking out Tommy King, the keyboardist from the house band on Carson Daly’s talk show, who is playing at the Gibson Showroom.  He has some tracks up for free download at http://tommykingmusic.com  .  If you are looking for something a bit more funky – try Big Organ Trio at The Mint.  If you’re looking for a DJ, but you don’t want to stay out until 4 am – I suggest J-Boogie at The Continental Room. 
You might not want to go to The Continental Room though if you are planning on going to The Funk Rumble in Chinatown tomorrow because J-Boogie will also be playing there.  Joining J-Boogs will be LA natives Orgone, as well as The Lions, Breakestra and a host of other DJs.  The first ever Funk Rumble should be a blast – there will be arts, crafts, food vending, relatively cheap beers (for LA standards) and a ton of great music.  Plus, if you never go to Chinatown, it would be an ideal day for checking it out.  The party kicks off at noon and goes until 10 pm – tickets are $5 before 4 pm and $8 after 4 pm.  Check out the schedule and additional information here - http://thefunkrumbleblockparty.blogspot.com/
If you’re not down for the funk, but you still want to go downtown – I have to suggest you go over to The Standard to check out Hey Champ and their DJ set.  Hey Champ is a group out of Chicago that has been generating an increasing amount of buzz.  They are out on the west coast for the month of July and will be intermittently gracing LA with their performances.  If you miss them at The Standard, you can peep them on Monday at Hunnypot Unlimited or later on this month.  Check back at SUPERGOODMUSIC for more information on Hey Champ in the next few weeks.  If both downtown and funk don’t fit into your schedule – try Tortoise and Earthless at The Troubadour if you have some connections or want to spend an arm and a leg for a ticket (it is SOLD OUT).  
Sunday, I suggest you take some rest – cause next week the music is just as good (Mr. Hudson on Monday anyone?!?!?!)