Michael Jackson’s Impact

It is hard to measure the impact of the death of the King of Pop.  He influenced so many of the musicians we listen to today.  He even made us engage in conversations over what is appropriate for adults to do with children.  While in his latter years he became more known for his non-music shenanigans than his actual musical talent – by far his biggest contribution is his music.

I’ve been holding a personal tribute over the last few hours and I just finished listening to “Human Nature” which SWV later sampled.  I didn’t even remember that SWV had sampled the MJ song until listening to it – but I can remember dancing to that SWV song at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.  Another underrated Jackson cut, “Shake Your Body” off of Destiny, had me jamming out.  Even the songs that don’t crack his greatest hits or that some of us might not recognize by name are bangers for the ages.  
To cut to the point – no musician has really had the ubiquitous impact on musicians of all genres that Jackson had over the span of his career.  For that, he should be praised.