Metronomy’s October So Cal Run

English electro-pop act Metronomy headline the Troubadour on Saturday October 15th as part of a tour through the SoCal region. With their third album, The English Rivera, under their belt, and praise from “The Look” – the four piece hit up the left coast to hopefully perform some of the tunes from their album nominated for the Barclaycard Mercury Prize “Album Of The Year.”

The music on English packs more energy than some of their previous releases. Songs like The Bay remind me of background tracks from Earthworm Jim and music that I put into a folder called “general synth dopeness.”

And when I watch the video – with the aerial shots of yachts, licking popsicles and a whole lot of white shirts and pumps – I really do feel so good when I listen to it. The girl in the group just happens to be the drummer too – yet another reason to dig this quartet.

For this leg of their tour, Metronomy will be supported by fellow electro-pop artist NewVillager. The show October 15th is allegedly sold out. However tickets are still available for their show at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa and I think they may be playing the Mondrian Hotel as well.

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