Marvel Years’ Moroccan Show Supports Little Giants

On June 8th, newly minted Los Angeleno Marvel Years, also known as Cory Wythe, recruits a handful of local DJ supporters to bring a night of beats and vibes that’s sure to get your body moving, impress your ears….and raise money for arts programs for children.   Each ticket sold for the show includes a $1 donation to the Little Giant Acorn Foundation, a charity set up in honor of the late producer/DJ/MC Nicholas “Pumpkin” Alvarado, who was also one half of the hip-hop duo Little Giants with MC/DJ EVeryman.    EVeryman will be playing a special supporting set to Mr. Marvel Years, delivering an inspired soundtrack for fans and newly minted supporters of the charity.   If you want to support SUPERGOOD, we encourage you to support the Little Giant Acorn Foundation (we volunteer with them every year).

If you’re not cultured to the young beat aficionado Marvel Years, come to Moroccan to see what you’re missing and prepare to want to do a deep dive and get a gang of his library for free.    Also try your hand at winning free tickets in our contest by e-mailing or shouting us @marvelyears and @Everyman out on social media.   If you don’t want to play the social media game (or even if you do), tickets to the show are only $10 in advance.   Masi and Saul Good also support; Saul Good will be opening and debuting his latest EP.


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