Luxury (Sound) Bites from Royal Teeth – New Dangerbird Act in LA This Week

Esteemed Bayou-based talent Royal Teeth started their summer celebrating the release of their debut studio record, Act Naturally, on LA based Dangerbird Records.  The candy indie electro pop is definitely edgier live – which is why you can’t miss your chance to catch them here in Los Angeles as they parade through The Satellite and The Library at The Redbury.

The vocal duo of Gary Larsen and Nora Patterson shine on this genre melting project that certainly doesn’t sounds a bit more LA than NOLA.  Lead single “Wild” is only a sampling of the flavors they have on their record, which includes a sexified version of The Knife‘s “Heartbeats” that they sunk their proverbial Teeth into.

You can enjoy their delicious poppy delights at The Satellite tonight as JJAMZ close out their free June residency.   Hopefully they include a cover of “Heartbeats” at the performance- because they certainly do it justice.

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