Los Globos Gets Served (Closes Temporarily)

Rumor on the Sunset Blvd. is that emerging dance club and late night unwind spot, Club Los Globos, closed its doors today after having their dance and live music permits cancelled by the city on October 29, 2012.  Although the motives behind the rescinding of their paperwork are not yet clear to me – local resident discontent probably has something to do with it as the venue caught some flack for its penchant for all night events and intoxicated patrons.    But – what do you expect from a music venue?  

Los Globos was a welcomed addition to the after hours menu of venues, as well as becoming a hub for emerging talent and hot promoters and labels (Iheartcomix, Mad Decent, A Club Called Rhonda, Vice, SMOG and LA Records had each thrown events there).  Owner Steve Edelson made true on his promise of maintaining the club’s Latin identity, while simultaneously expanding its musical horizons with a larger dance floor that was DJ friendly and improving the downstairs sound.   Coupled with Edelson’s other property holdings in the neighborhood – Globos was shaping up to be a legit force in competing for and hosting late night dance events.

Provided the venue can reacquire their permits, the venue could reopen in as little as 45 days, just in time for holiday celebrations and New Years Eve events.  We’re putting in a little SUPERGOOD prayer that the permits are reacquired or reinstated.  Until then – the club remains closed with the exception of private events.

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