Loch & Key or Locksley? You Decide.

There’s lochs to do around Los Angeles tonight, from indie rock to electronic. Although I will be at The Music Box for the whompfest with Mimosa, EOTO and Marty Party there are 2 independent acts gracing some smaller stages that are worth mention.

Locksley, from Madison, WI, make a surprise stop at the Gibson Studio in Beverly Hills for the Socurio party. More information, including an opportunity to RSVP to that event, can be found here – http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=149530745078370&index=1
Similarly sounding in name but not in tunes, Loch & Key, drop another night of their residency at Redwood Bar & Grill. The group, featuring Sean Hoffman (American Music Club, Bedroom Walls), is offering up a tasty download of Bill Withers’ “Use Me.” You can only snag the sexy cover song until September 30th, at which point I guess it becomes streaming only? The song also isn’t available on Jupiter’s Guide For Submariners” – so get it while you can. You probably can hear it live at Redwood tonight or next week on the 30th for the band’s final residency show.
For the track go to:


Press the “LOGIN” star and enter the password slayer

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