Local Crooner Alert: Nicky Davey Drops Some Sexy Pop

Local multi-talent, Nicky Green and his Nebraska bred counterpart, Davey Rosser, are the brain children behind new-ish project Nicky Davey, who released their juicy self-titled EP to the world today!  The five song package includes emotional, powerful ballads like “Dreamgirl” or the epic “Rainbows,” and also crosses over to potentially infectious pop-tastic tracks like “Gonna Love You.”  If you have not heard Nicky Davey’s music yet, you still may have heard their sonic brilliance on  The Internet‘s breakout cut “Dontcha,” their recently released album Ego Death or caught their writing chops on SnakehipsGone.”

Nicky Davey’s EP, whose first notes were recorded in June 2014 at Chateau Marie Studios, took just over a year to complete and includes Bert Gay on bass, Misha Honeypot Davidson on keys and Jamie Gamble on drums. SydTha Kyd and Brad Haehnels were also involved in the recording process. To celebrate their release, the ND crew are performing a couple times in Los Angeles in September.   Stay glued to their socials to find out more details — or come check them out at their EP release party at The Ace Hotel on Thursday August 13, 2015! Hosted by Ride The Universe, and featuring some special guests, it should be a celebration that has you leaving on one.

When Nicky is not grinding in the studio with Davey and friends like SydThaKid or Taz Arnold working on more tunes (another Nicky Davey project and some remixes should be expected before the end of the year), you might find him indulging live music at any of Los Angeles’ Baptist Churches (where Davey Rosser sometimes slays) or eating some traditional LA tacos at Margarita’s “next to Frederico’s on Pico.”  

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