Lo Down Loretta Brown in Downtown San Fran (Show Review)

Oh my, my, my, the audience was feelin’ high. Dj Lo Down Loretta Brown, aka Erykah Badu and @FatBellyBella on twitter, screwed up some ditties on 4.20.2011 for a night of soul, funk, and hip-hop on the turntables at Ruby Skye in downtown San Francisco. It’s one thing to hear the beautiful Badu belt out some soulful lyrics, but to watch this woman play with tracks that she’s influenced by is something that’s on a whole other level. Just by watching her spin, you can see her love for music being poured out of her head and shaken on the table. She had the entire place rocking their hips or AT LEAST bobbing their heads to her bass driven beats. To top things off, she almost made it a chore to keep her audience in check by singing a little flow here and there and stopping the occasional track to let audience take over control on vocals and sing-a-long. Erykah, if you want to have me sing-a-long with you just give me a beat and a headwrap and I’m there, Ma.

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Erykah Badu – @FatBellyBella
Post by Anthony Martinez

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