LNDN Drugs Drop Elevator G-Funk on Aktive

What happens when a pimping SoCal MC mashes up with some adult contemporary jazz production  - basically some urban elevator G-Funk courtesy of LNDN DRGS on Aktive.

Opening with a sample of Skippy talking about some pimp game on La Quinta, LNDN DRGS, featuring Bompton rapper Jay Worthy and Vancouver producer Sean House, comes out the gate smacking you in the face with adult contemporary jazz laced with gangster steeze.   The title track boasts about how ladies, whether they with it or not, better recognize that Bompton homies are smashing and active, presumably sexually.  And that title track is just one of many gems and G lessons that make you rewind to the days of H-Town and knocking the boots, regulating with Warren G, watching Friday and listening to Too $hort.  

Out now on Fools Gold – Aktive is a must for fans of early 90s west coast rap and the children of parents that listen to Norman Brown.   Proteges of the late A$AP Yams, the album features the recently deceased, classic rap/R&B samples, a Krayzie Bone feature and an album cover courtesy of Joe Cool – the man behind the legendary Doggystle LP artwork.


Read no further — just listen…(and download it for FREE)

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