Listening to Clap Your Hands at Soho House (Review by ZSE)

Last Monday, I witnessed lead singer of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah perform an intimate acoustic session at what was originally slated as a listening session for the band’s upcoming album, Hysterical. Instead I heard about 15-20 minutes of an acoustic session with the lead singer playing mostly songs from before the band got together. Unfortunately some travel complications prevented the majority of the Clap Your Hands crew from making it.

On a positive note, the listening session was staged at the Soho House in Hollywood – which provided an ideal and intimate event setting with a great view from the Hollywood hills. Although I did not get a true sense for how the band actually might perform live due to their travel complications – I nonetheless enjoyed the hang with industry peeps and the impromptu solo set.

If the whole band showed up, I’m sure I would be much more excited (and have a lot more fodder for) writing this review and be able to give you a more honest and accurate opinion of their latest album, Hysterical, which is out now on iTunes. I wish I could have seen the whole band and will keep my eyes peeled for their next LA gig. However, despite failing at that, I can confidently say that if you are a fan of upbeat indie rock then there’s a good chance you will enjoy Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

Here’s two free songs off the band’s latest album, Hysterical.

Maniac by CYHSYband

Same Mistake by CYHSYband

Post by ZSE (Zach Siegal Eisman)

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