Leftover Cuties (We’re Talking About The Band)

With a name like Leftover Cuties, your first inclination might be to think some LA douchebag is referring to what he considers to be the remaining ladies (or males – depending on your orientation…or even your gender) at the end of the night. Clever name. I won’t be the next Los Angeleno to use the term in public because, one, I’m not a douchebag, and two, someone will be saying it to refer to the band that is playing at The Hotel Cafe tonight in Hollywood, CA.

You may have heard Leftover Cuties on the opening credits of Showtimes’s “The Big C” or you might have checked them out over at www.leftovercuties.com or at Casa del Mar Hotel in Santa Monica. Where you should hear them next is kicking off your December 2010 tonight. Why?
As young scenester journalist Lauren Lomma said “the lead singer is a petite but soulful woman full of 1920′s Hollywood glamour and pipes comparable to Billie Holiday‘s. Her voice is sultry, sweet and absolute perfection. … Leftover Cuties have the kind of sound that will take you straight back into the old days of blues and jive, smoking parlors, and speakeasies.”
After seeing them cover songs like “At Last” and “Poker Face” at their weekly gig at Casa del Mar Hotel, the perfect backdrop to their old school, Boardwalk Empire feel – Lomma urged me and all SUPERGOODMUSIC readers to go see them at The Hotel Cafe. The band – despite their laid-back, humble demeanor and old school feel – employ a worldly combination of instruments to back the big bodied vocals, including trumpet, trombone, ukelele, maracas, stand up bass, drums and piano.
So, if you go, thank the Lommabot (@lomfry3) for the recommendation and cheers her with a glass of fine Scotch – SUPERGOOD’s suggested drink pairing (we’re also music sommeliers). If you can’t make it there tonight, then check them out on www.leftovercuties.com.
post by Brandon Dorsky & Lauren Lomma

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