L.A. Takes Over Austin: Iheartcomix, Mad Decent and Jeffree’s at SXSW

Night one of Austin Party Weekend was off the chain with none other than the official SXSW MAD DECENT Showcase hosting a gang of thumping, trap-riddled sets and remixes by some of the hottest producers from around globe.

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Throwing it down at the Empire Garage & Control Room, the beats filled the block and as I approached the venue for an early set by Wave Racer in the control room, I could see the line wind around the building and I was badgeless. Thanks to that SUPERGOOD treatment, I was fortunate to skip the behemoth throng of 20-somethings who had been somewhat patiently waiting for over two hours and got a smooth entry.

Wave Racer’s set was like a breath of fresh air on an exotic island smack dab in the middle of Austin. After a day full of prog rock, draft beer, BBQ and lots of sunshine this set was refreshing and like a dream awakening. Hailing from Sydney and touted as “future classic” music, I truly felt like I was living inside the soundtrack of the Wave Racer video game and couldn’t have enjoyed it any more. It was borderline detoxifying on a mental level.

When I came back late night around 12am for the Riff Raff, Trippy Turtle, Cashmere Cat, and Paper Diamond sets, the line was epically long. This time I had to wait about 30 minutes and what ensued was like a scene straight out of a movie.

“My client is performing tonight and I wanted to know where to check him in,” said a polite, well-kept, beautiful woman to the door man at Empire Automotive.

He looked at her and said, “Miss, we’re at capacity and there’s nobody else getting in. Who’s your client? Are they playing tonight?” She grinned with a “seriously?” look on her face and said “Riff Raff is my client. He’s performing here in 20 minutes and we’re all here. Where do we check in?”  Dude at the door wasn’t having it. And he certainly wasn’t letting Jody Highroller’s entourage of about 20 deep just roll in either. But with a little patience and respect, everything got straightened out and we all made it in for the Riff Raff performance. As for the line wrapped around the club?  They weren’t all as lucky.

Trippy Turtle went b2b with Cashmere Cat inside the Control Room to wrap it up while Paper Diamond closed out the night in the Garage with a rowdy trap-heavy set that had the place Wylin before losing his bag backstage and having a mediocre meltdown on Twitter post show.

Although Paper Diamond’s bag was returned, it wasn’t without letting us know there’s a new EP in the works. And for that, we’re stoked! That and the fact the Colorado producer just announced his residency with Flosstradamus and Diplo at Surrender in Vegas – there’s no doubt he’s gearing up to bring the heat this summer.

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A big thank you to Iheartcomix for being so accommodating to SUPERGOOD in Austin.


written by Charles Walker

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