Kosha Dillz & His Hustle To Happiness

Over the last several years I’ve had the opportunity to get to know MC Kosha Dillz and the privilege of watching his career and character evolve and blossom.  The man also known as Rami Even Esh has come along way from the formerly incarcerated KD Flow.  Graduating from freestyles and CD-R’s to commercial releases in record stores and characters in video games.

2012 was quite the rollercoaster for Kosha Dillz – starting with a Super Bowl commercial and grinding through Paid Dues Festival, Warped Tour, Rock The Bells, tours with RZA, Matisyahu and Alex Clare, being in the BET Cypher and ultimately ending with what he does best – freestyles on stage.  All of his traveling certainly took a lot of effort and money, and also provided a platform for a lot of content creation.  Now he needs to edit all that content and he’s reached out for donations so he can complete the documentary of his trials and tribulations – a film he calls Kosha Dillz Is Everywhere: The Hustle to Happiness.

Check out his clever Kickstarter video and then figure out if you’ve got a buck or two to send his way.  His Kickstarter campaign is here.

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