Keith Masters – "Photo Op"

Today the world received their latest dosage of Electro Majic when Keith Masters released “Photo Op.”

The hip-hop electro hipster crossover has a melodic instrumental beginning before Masters drops his lyrically crafty first verse. Opening with some thematic word play on the song title, the lyrics sync perfectly with the ambient track, including the well positioned “Concert Blast” shout out.

Shortly after the SUPERGOOD shout out (we were in the studio when he was recording vocals), Keith picks up his flow double time and exhibits why he should be on any electronic fusion fan’s radar. Embracing the structure and creative depth of electronically driven music, Keith and Brandon Dermer (producer) built a pseudo hip-hop song that evolves both musically and lyrically from ambient and slow to fast and rhythmically driven.

Masters maintains the imagery of photo opportunities with creative visual references to the stereotypical pursuit of a flash worthy lifestyle before entering into the easy to rap/sing “Photo Op” chorus. Following the first batch of “op”s, Keith gets deep and introspective about the dreams of chasing a career as a performer, even calling out those that make the leap of faith to pursue careers in L.A in pursuit of those photo ops.

Dropping references to not only SUPERGOOD, but Hollywood swag and Melrose Ave., and with production from Los Angeles’ own Dermer, this just might be my next cruising LA cut.

“Photo Op” was written by Keith Masters, features Babe Lincoln and was produced by Brandon Dermer (Los Angeles).

You can download the song from Keith’s soundcloud page here –

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