JJ Kills Mixtape

The hard to stick into a definitive genre Swedish group jj dropped a holiday gift on the inter-world last week with the release of their KILLS mixtape.

While the name is not one that has shaken American Billboard charts, jj holds its weight on the internet. Their sonic landscape, which includes ambient tones, hip-hop influences and an awareness of what makes pop music pop, draws listeners from a variety of crowds and genres. Stoners may be familiar with the group from their debut album’s cover art – a stamped cannabis leaf. Europeans may be familiar with jj because they are more popular there. Web crawlers probably heard about No. 2 sometime since its 2009 release. But, if you’re not familiar with jj yet – peep the mixtape.

The mixtape music is easy to listen to in the background while you’re working – but isn’t club ready or for cruising LA highways (in my opinion). A bit too slow/ambient for that – with “Kill Them” perhaps being the exception.

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