Jealous of you SXSWers

I must admit that I am entirely jealous of anyone and everyone that was at SXSW in Austin, TX this past week (For the uninformed, SXSW is to music what Sundance is to film). At the time it came to make plans, I was working full throttle at the law firm and really did not have the availability to spare a week of my time to head to Austin to check out the latest and greatest in the music scene. Unfortunately, my job status didn’t change until two weeks before SXSW when I no longer had the funds saved to go….

But, for those that did go, I have no doubts that it was a blast. The scene sounded like it was going to be incredible this year. I can’t remember a year in history where there were more acts that I wanted to see (not to mention more people that I grew up with who were performing – what’s up Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi and The Volunteers’ Dan Goddard???!?!?!?). The stellar line-up, combined with sponsored parties and the generally vibe of Austin all equals up to one kick ass time.

For those of you who did go – I would love to get your feedback on who the best acts were – musically, stage presence, improvisation, etc. Also, any tips on where to stay and what to do or not to do at SXSW would be helpful for me as well as other readers.