Inebriated Boxers and Hawley Rollers at The Hotel Cafe

Last night I made my way over to intimate music venue The Hotel Café to check Christopher Hawley Rollers perform. I would categorize his sound as a folk/bluegrass with a southern rock edge, and about 30% of his set was heavy in old folk tunes about American fables, such as a song about Johnny Appleseed. He played a lot from his album The Roots of the Tree including the songs “Bank Robbing Man,” “Just What You Do” and “My Friends and Me” (which he turned into a group sing along with the audience).

Overall it was a good set of music, but what made it magical was one of the members of his band, whom I have dubbed “the boxer.” Basically, he had this extremely inebriated gentleman who was sitting on a box and was just using his hands to hit the box on the beat. At first I couldn’t tell if he was actually in the band or was just some wasted guy at the bar who decided to join Hawley on stage. As the set continued on, a waitress was keeping his drinks coming at a constant rate, which only improved his performance. All in all it was a good night for music at The Hotel Café and I look forward to going to see more shows there.