IHC Presents: Clicks & Whistles at Los Globos

Tonight get down with the emerging dope filth that is Clicks & Whistles at Los Globos.  

Likely to cut up the best in fresh beats that you’ve hardly ever heard – Clicks & Whistles bring a refreshing grind to the beat scene.  Low End Theory heads should take notice and anyone looking to accelerate their HAM situation tonight should show up at Globos before midnight – which is when Clicks & Whistles allegedly take the stage.

Its an IHC Presents event – so you know the visuals will be dope, the crowd will be colorful and the music on point.  Due to travel complications – Sinjin Hawke had to bail – so Sinden is stepping in, along with FuzZ and Keltronix.  Snag tickets so you can come whenever you want at www.iheartcomix.com or wait for the door – its $12.  You can also enter our contest for a pair of tickets by emailing contest@supergoodmusic.com or tweeting out @supergoodmusic @iheartcomix  @clicksxwhistles #ff.  Winner will be chosen in 2 hours.

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