Hollywood Brewfest Tomorrow – Its Like Oktoberfest One Month Later…

Maybe you haven’t heard, but something Magic is brewing…and its not because it is Friday the 13th. With over 35 breweries, including Magic Hat, Firestone, and Blue Palms Brew House – your taste buds, my taste buds and the taste buds of LA’s finest beer drinkers are sure to be satisfied. Doors open at 3 pm and close at 11 pm and admission includes UNLIMITED BEER TASTING. $45 regular and $60 for an upgrade – this is a no brainer folks. You’re talking drinking beer for 7-8 hours, when beers at most LA venues cost $6 or more a pop.
To top it off, they’ve arranged for some amazing music to rock the house too. Samuel Stewart, an up and coming virtuoso you may not have heard of, is going to be playing at 4 pm….which means you should be there early. And why wouldn’t you be? It’s not like the beer will be getting any colder than it is at 3 pm.
Then you can stick around for the likes of Nico Stai, Castledoor, Dum Dum Girls, Great Northern and one of my favorites, The Deadly Syndrome…who just happened to score the amazing documentary about beer pong – LAST CUP. You can pick up some free TDS tracks from RCRDLBL.com here.
Special Thanks to Planetary Group for their involvement in this event!