Hipster Halloween!



This Friday you can get an early start to your Halloween celebrations at El Cid for Hipster Halloween with Jeff Miller’s Black Crystal Wolf Kids - the most famous indie rock cover band in the States.   Dropping 2 sets of today’s and yesteryear’s KROQ favorites – and an alleged “super-crazy surprise mini-set,” it seems like the perfect excuse to don your costume a little bit early.

If you were not yet convinced – Los Angeles’ best emerging indie dance rock band just itching to hit it big, Mind The Gap, plays support.  This quartet just melted faces at The Roxy supporting Cherub, their keys and effects guru Ru is an accomplished hip-hop-esque producer, and their vocalist Greg Cahn often steals the show with his impressive ability to occupy almost every inch of the stage.   J Laser also supports.

They will be dishing out prizes for most “hipster-ist” costume and “best” costume – so get your creative juices flowing.  You’ve got ’til Friday to come up with something clever. Tickets are $10 and doors are at 9 pm at El Cid.

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