Hip-Hop Artists On Their E-Mail Grind

Every once in a while you got to give love to those hip hop hustlers that are on their e-mail grind (or have people on their e-mail grind). We’re constantly giving love to Kosha Dillz, who is just on the grind everywhere and always. Just in case you don’t know about him, check out his website Kosha Dillz World and also peep this track, “Echi Ani Olech,” off of his Gina & The Garage Sale EP. He spits in three different languages on that one.

Another hard grinding MC (who rolls with Dillz sometimes) is Verbs or Verbsisthehomie. He just dropped a wicked ill track “Feelings Get In The Way.” He spit it at Knocksteady in this video, but you can just cop the download. He makes personalized CDs with his own illustrations – well worth the cash he is peddling them for.
Then there is Weapons of Audio – who are not from LA, but are moving to LA. They hail most recently from Atlanta and some of that southern fried flavor can be heard in their music. Their track “If You Want Me” was downloaded over 19,000 times in June and is still in my rotation. I’m definitely looking forward to catching their first ever Los Angeles performance, whenever that is…
Other MCs on their grind include JAMS. You might not know it because it isn’t the first thing that turns up in a Google search for JAMS, but homeboy has somebody who was sending me e-mails and I’m glad I opened this one up. Coming out of Chicago – I gave the dude a chance, and was able to get past the fact that these look like some kids from my high school trying to make a rap video where they look hard. Just because I think their fashion choices don’t fit their white suburban, I’ve never seen a gun or been through a fire look doesn’t mean “Through The Fire” featuring Bradley Bacci isn’t a good song. It is worth listening to and the video does have train tracks (thats a + in my book).

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