Here They Come: The Roots Make Rare 2011 Stateside Festival Appearance at Outside Lands (OLF Preview)

Staples of hip-hop culture for over two decades, and now – more or less staples of mainstream entertainment and pop culture, The Roots have achieved iconic status.
Formerly having toured over 200 hundred dates a year, the Jimmy Fallon house band has now found a comfortable home not being on the road. While that might mean we get to enjoy a brief dosage of their amazing skill on a nightly basis – it means less of the free flowing Black Thought spearheaded hip-hop medleys and crushing percussion of Knuckles and ?uestlove.
But, at Outside Lands Festival 2011 we do get that dosage. Hopefully at least an hour. Preferably a full two. Its not like they don’t have the material. Essentially 10* albums deep (* – depends how you judge Wake Up with John Legend) – and well over a hundred tracks of original material – you’d hope they headline a night. At least I do. I’ve been a Roots junky since the 90s.
At OLF, no matter how long they play, expect to hear some old gems, definitely Here I Come (the Fallon theme song) and quite possibly, something from their rumored forthcoming album. I hope to get a handsome dosage of Legendary material from Things Fall Apart and/or Illadelph Halflife.

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