Heads Will Roll Remixes

For those of you who jumped on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs most recent album Zero early – kudos to you.  I listened to it – but didn’t feel as hyped about it as I do now.  After seeing them at Coachella and listening to the music again, and then seeing them absolutely destroy Heads Will Roll on Conan O’Brien a while back, I have a new found thirst for the album.  Particularly, I am thirsty for Heads Will Roll all the time….

Thankfully, there have just been an insane amount of remixes of the track.  I most recently stumbled upon a Passion Pit remix on hypem.com, but that is not even my favorite.  I’ve been rocking DIGIRATII’s Dance Til Your Dead remix (which can also be found on hypem) and my most recent remix fave -