@gwatsky – fastest white rapper?

So, I’d seen George Watsky‘s videos and thought they were clever and funny, but hadn’t put much more thought into it. Then I met the guy last night at The Royal Family Ball at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. He was really friendly, clearly into good music (Soulive, Lettuce & Break Science w/ Charli 2na) and mentioned that he’d been meeting with some labels, but no one had offered him a deal yet.

Check out the first of the below videos. It has close to 10 million hits. Who knows what he is capable of writing, but he clearly has an audience already. At the very least, a significant online presence. He has a strong vocabulary. He uses good diction. He delivers his rhymes well.

Something is wrong with this business when a guy with close to 10 million hits on one video is not even getting an offer. He has talent. He can rap fast, faster than most, and that is worth something. Even if the offers were bad ones, someone should have offered him something. Its not every day you meet someone who can rap like this….

Check him out on twitter at @gwatsky

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